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Dream Analysis

Dreams have always been mysterious, they still have not discovered completely. We often ask ourselves what did that dream represent, why did I dream that, is this dream some kind of a message. We try to understand, to analyze and get ourselves some answers. Usually, all of that is just guessing and hoping. How can we know for sure what are dreams are really about and what are they telling us? Well, there probably won’t be a way for us to know that for sure, at least not in the distant future, but there are ways to get closer to our mind. That way is a dream analysis which can reveal what is your subconscious trying to inform you about. Psychic dream analyst will help you in solving that puzzle in your mind.

Who Is a Dream Analyst?

Dream-MeaningsA dream analysis tries to understand the meaning and the symbols of your dream. Something deep, something from your soul is trying to reach you and to remind you of it. Many of us want to forget about something, push away their pain and sorrow. But by doing that they won’t become happy, on contrary, it will haunt them because it is still a part of them. You have to deal with your fears and with your past. As long as you are running away from it, it will swim back in different forms, in a dream. The soul is sending a message and it is on you to recognize it and understand it. Most of the people can’t do that and they just ignore it, like it is something that happens to everyone. A dream analyst can solve those signs coming from within, they connect the dots.

Dream Meanings

There are many popular dream meanings and many of them have different meanings depending on the culture, background as well as the personal experience. Nevertheless, there are some dream meanings that are universal. If you don’t know which ones, keep reading and find out.


WaterWhen it comes to water, you should pay attention to how it appeared in a dream because that is the point. It is a symbol of emotions, and because of that, it can be any kind of emotion, not just one in particular. Water in a dream can be clean, but also dirty and blurred. It can flow slowly or mightily. Those are the sings you should pay attention to. Also, how did the water make you feel?

The Sun

Dreaming a sun is usually a positive thing, but the same as the water, it does not always appear in the same, peaceful way. It can be covered in clouds or you can dream a full moon. It is important how did the moon make you feel, scared or at peace?