It's Coming. Are You Going to Be There?
The First Ever Awakened World International Film Festival Retreat

Watch this trailer and get a taste of the excitement.  Then mark your calendar to be there in Santa Barbara, CA October 27-30, 2014

Who We Are

"I have left the gate open and thou art welcome ...
All, all is yours. ..."
   Ernest Holmes

Our purpose at SpiritWorks is abundance - overflowing goodness.

Our vision is an inclusive, loving, thriving spiritual community.

We know:

  • We are a full house of awakening beings.
  • We live and speak our spiritual truth.
  • Our identity is clear and powerful.
  • We effectively communicate who we are and what we have to offer.
  • We are the living demonstration of prosperity and surplus.

Come join us - whether in person in Burbank or via our online streaming service on Sunday mornings.

All are welcome.